Clear Choice Retail can recommend and provide hardware necessary to display your instore marketing materials.

Double Curved “C” Channel for Shelf Channel

Hinged Gripper Flag Sign Holder 

Rotatable Gripper Sign Holder

”C” Clamp Gripper Aisle Sign Holder

Info Strip Universal Flush Sign Holder

Aisle Sign Arm Hanger- Straight

Magnetic Under-Shelf Gripper Sign Holder

Suction Cup with Flush Gripper

Info Strip Hinged Angled Style Universal Flag Sign Holder

Gripper Twist-In Sign Holder

Info Strip Gripper Sign Holder

Info Strip Hinged Gripper Sign Holder

Info Strip Multi-Position Flag Sign Holder

Perf Shelf Gripper Flag Sign Holder

Price Channel Gripper Flag Sign Holder


Gondola Top Gripper Sign Holder

Gondola Upright Gripper Sign Holder- Hinge

Gripper T-Style Table Top Sign Holder

Hinged Gripper Sign Holder

Magnetic Gripper Sign Holder- Extra Tall

Magnetic Under-Shelf Gripper Sign Holder w/ Hinge

Shelf-Top Gripper Sign Holder

Standard Grip Magnetic Light Duty

Under-Shelf Spring-Mount Gripper Sign Holder

Instant Flag Gripper Display Tube

Telescopic Double-Hook Aisle Sign Holder- Gondola

“S” Hooks

Double “C” Hooks

Square Edge Power Wing Clip